Sunday, April 21, 2019

Dakhma unpublished from Facebook

Dakhma was recently unpublished from Facebook due to continued violations of Facebook's page guidelines, apparently caused by the album artwork for "Hamkar Atonement". Although the decision to unpublish Dakhma's page was appealed out of principle, it has become increasingly obvious that Facebook's community guidelines result in automated, brainless censorship that is frankly not worth the time and effort required to deal with in order to maintain the mere semblance of a presence on the shitstain that is that website. As such, any information related to Dakhma and the Zoroastrian Death Music practiced by this entity will be posted on the (Facebook-owned, but somehow still ever so slightly less ridiculously censored) Instagram under dakhma_zdm.

Follow here.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Release: Arkhaaik - *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós u̯rsn̥gwhé̄n

Arkhaaik is the excavation of rites long forgotten, of primitive worship and ancient deities that ruled long before man dominated and soiled the earth. These sounds explore Europe's bronze age and encompass the very essence of said rites that were extinct long ago, told in the Indo-European tongue that was used at the time and is now long lost to the ages, its utterance strange to the modern ear.

Encompassing three expansive tracks in 33 minutes, Arkhaaik's first sonic manifestation suitable takes a guttural (and GUTTING) form, drawing together sepulchral death metal, blackened bestiality and lava-like doom into sulfuric, senses-flaying mass. Its cavernous, ceaselessly roiling slipstream of carnal hysteria and barbarism punishes physically and penetrates psychically; it is of his earth, and beyond it.

Now, witness the unearthed ancients, beholden to the almighty sky father, ruler of the daylit skies! Behold the mighty bull! In his veins, the blood of the ancients pounds with fervor, and reciprocating this fervor, Arkhaaik bathe in his gore. Through the spilling of his blood, they atatin ancient divinity.

Listen to ancient death HERE.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Release: Ungfell - Hexenmal

Ungfell has unveiled the hideous music video to accompany their previously unreleased track, Hexenmal, that will be featured on the eagerly anticipated re-release of Tôtbringære. Vulgar images of witchcraft and misery interspersed with vile walpurgis audio awaits below!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ungfell - Zip-Hood Pre-Order

New Ungfell hoodies are available for pre-order through Eisenwald Tonschmiede. The deluxe zip-hood is only available through pre-order, therefore: be quick or be dead!

Europe orders
US orders

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dakhma Live 6 April 2019

"Molded from deformed flesh, the putrid stench of decaying limbs..."

This weekend, Dakhma will be performing a truly sinister set of Zoroastrian Death Music in Basel alongside Serpens Luminis, Fides Inversa and Darvaza. Various H.U.C. items will be made available there for those eager to be consumed by vile audio filth.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Release: Dakhma - Hamkar Atonement

The kindred spirit has been unleashed...

"Fool! Gaze upon thine feeble flesh, the true lord's malice is already upon thee! Be unburdened by your good thoughts and kind spirit, unshackled from Ohrmazd's lie! There is but one who may withstand the glorious fall, and whence has he gone? The creator has forsaken thee..."

At long last, Dakhma's debut album "Hamkar Atonement" is upon us. Released through Iron Bonehead productions on vinyl LP and CD formats on September 28th, 2018, the album spans over 70 minutes of ancient, ritualistic sonic devastation.

Enter the true death here...

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Seal of Plagues: Renewal

"Under the crimson primordial sky, a wretched warlock reached into the dark embrace. His fist closed around the serpent's eye, strange yet eternal. It glowed from within, strange and eternal." 

This is the seat of the Helvetic Underground Committee.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Upcoming Release: Dakhma - Hamkar Atonement

At long last, Dakhma will release their debut album "Hamkar Atonement" through Iron Bonehead Productions on vinyl LP and CD formats on September 28th, 2018. The album spans over 70 minutes of ancient, ritualistic sonic devastation.

The Avestan word "Hamkar", which literally translates to "co-worker" or "helper", is used in reference to the daeva of Angra Mainyu (in middle Persian: Ahriman), himself the omnimalevolent and most destructive spirit. In the collection of texts describing Zoroastrian cosmogony and creation, traditionally called Bundahishn, Angra Mainyu creates a horde of daeva to counter the creation of cosmos by Ahura Mazda (in middle Persian: Ohrmazd or Ormuzd), with each daeva mirroring an opposite Amesha Spenta (lit. "immortal (which is) holy"; a class of divine and immortal holy entities who serve Ormazd). In mirroring the tasks of the Amesha Spentas as servants of Ohrmazd, daeva are the instrument through which Ahriman creates all the horrors in the world. Following the interpretation laid out in texts such as the "Shayest ne shayest", where the daeva are seen as being utterly real and not mere philosophical representations, the music contained on Hamkar Atonement describes creation through the ultimate destruction of Ohrmazd's good deeds, good thoughts and good work by the daeva. Hamkar Atonement begins with the demise of Ohrmazd and therefore the destruction of all that is holy on the earth, allowing the daeva to roam free and corrupt human existence, described in greater detail throughout the album. Each song serves a specific narrative purpose, be it the dedication to a specific daeva or describing the results of their exploits on earth. What follows is a musical journey through the horror and corruption brought forth by the daeva, until a black sea of dread washes over the earth and extinguishes the last holy flame, leaving only death, triumphant, the great prophet.


1. The Glorious Fall Of Ohrmazd (Hail Death, Triumphant)
2. Akhoman (Spill The Blood)
3. Varun (Of Unnatural Lust)
4. Nanghait (Born Of Fire)
5. Spendarmad (Holy Devotion)
6. Gannag Menog (Foul Death, Triumphant)
7. ...Of Great Prophets

Behold Track 4, Nanghait (Born Of Fire), here.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

New Release: Lykhaeon - Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls

At long last, Lykhaeon's EP Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls is upon us. The two tomes contained on this disc explore the ancient spirits of those long forgotten, of spirits shunned and buried long ago. Now, they are silent no longer and revealed for all to see...

Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls can be ordered here.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Release: LYKHAEON - Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls

At long last, the seal containing the tome of "Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls" has been shattered. This release has been kept at bay for over two years and is only now festering upon the ears of those who dare excavate its treacherous sounds.

This is merely the first step on Lykhaeon's new path, an ill omen of what is to come and what has yet to be unearthed... Until then, fester upon the audio contamination brought forth by the Helvetic Underground Committee's most senior member...

A stream and download has been made available by the band here. Physical copies will be available in a few days.