Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Release: UNGFELL - Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz

We are pleased to announce that the essential purveyors of helvetic walpurgis audio devastation, Ungfell, are poised to unshackle their forthcoming sophomore full-length album, "Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz" through Eisenwald Tonschmiede.

Presenting a more focused, honed and thus significantly more lethal approach in comparison to Ungfell's debut, "Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz" displays a striking audial assault, interspersed with riffcraft that is simultaneously gripping and pulverizing.

Pre-order this vile creation here. The vinyl edition is currently sold out but will be made available again in the summer time.

Travel far into times long forgotten and be annihilated by "De Türst und s Wüetisheer".

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