Thursday, May 3, 2018

New Release - DEATH. VOID. TERROR. - To The Great Monolith I


Death. Void. Terror.'s utterly disturbing debut album is available now in vinyl and CD formats and can be purchased here from practitioners or Iron Bonehead Productions.

In serving as vessels for the Great Monolith, Death. Void. Terror. manages to create truly unconscious music that transcends the boundaries of conventional genre norms such as composition and performance. Taken from the detailed explanation provided by the practitioners themselves: "The purest expression is derived from the seed planted by exposure to the Great Monolith. Such exposure requires relentless concentration of the practitioner to withstand its force, while simultaneously being able to remain disengaged from any immediate surroundings.

This form of detached concentration is ideally achieved through the unconscious state, meaning that the immediate senses must be abandoned in favor of surrendering one's expressive abilities to direction by the Void. It is in this context that pure expression can be sought and that conventional boundaries of contemporary composition and humanist genre pre-definitions can be transcended. Only then can a manifestation of the Great Monolith be witnessed."

No order. No origin. No though. Death. Void. Terror.

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