Monday, November 16, 2015

New Release: The Synthesis Of Illuminating Ascension And The Madness Of A Primitive Mind (DAKHMA/UNGFELL Split)

"Die Sturmgewaltigen sind jetzt still, es hat ein anderes Lied begonnen, das Lied kennen sie alle und den, der es singt. Wenn der seine Stimme erhebt, sind sie immer still, sogar die, die die Ungestümsten auf der Erde sind. Der Tod hat sein langsames, langsames Lied begonnen"
- Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz

The decrepit exploration of contrasting perspectives. An exegesis of eternal ascension versus a writhing descent into the abyss that is the eternal hermit's mind.

34 minutes of rabid, seething audio putrescence, presented in two parts by the entities DAKHMA and UNGFELL.

Available here as hand-numbered limited edition CD or digital download.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Release: Ungfell - Demo(lition) Cassettes

"Es lebe der Pöbel"

Pure filthy walpurgis black metal, banished to a fittingly dark forest-green shell. Ungfell's mighty demo is now available in cassette form, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Produced in the coven of Temple Wolf Productions.

Available for purchase directly through Menetekel's cursed clutches or Temple Wolf Productions.

Preview: Dakhma - Astiwihad-Zohr

"All Hail, the Blessed Spirit"

Dakhma presents a preview of the forthcoming, grotesque ritual incantation: Astiwihad-Zohr. The audio celebration of eternal opposition to the Spenta Armaiti.

To be released through Iron Bonehead Productions as mLP and through NecroShrine Records as mCD.

Enter the realm of the blessed flame