Saturday, February 27, 2021

New Release: Ungfell - Es grauet

Rejoice, followers of alpine audio torment! The time has come to announce the details of the third Ungfell album. This concept album is called "Es grauet" and will be released on April 30th in various formats via Eisenwald. The glorious cover and the illustrations contained in the release were painted by the great Robbie C. Ward.

On their third full-length album, "Es grauet", Ungfell abducts the listeners on a sonic journey detailing moral ambivalence and treachery. Set in a seemingly idyllic rural village in pre-modern times, all is not as it seems. Tragedy strikes the town in the form of a horrific, grisly murder. Unfounded accusations lead the town further astray, while these occurrences of debauchery exceed the comprehension of the local inhabitants. Alas, evil lurks where you may least expect it... The story unfolds, accompanied by ravaging riffs and gripping songwriting that appropriately underline the complex, yet harrowing narrative. "Es grauet" shows Ungfell at their most ambitious and most audacious, featuring incredibly dynamic and warm production values, emphasizing atmosphere even more than previous releases and managing to compliment the story being told. 

Follow Ungfell and "Es grauet" here. Information on pre-sale for LP and CD versions will be shared closer to the release date. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

New Release: Urgeist - Weltenflucht

 We are eager to present the latest creation by the forsaken woodland dwellers Urgeist, an image and audio amalgamation entitled "Weltenflucht". "Weltenflucht" was previously exhibited in Vienna for the event "Der Berg ruft zurück - zwischen Weltenflucht, Nationalerotik und politischem Aktivismus" on March 21st 2019.

"Urgeist will in seiner Emanation die Essenz des Urtums beschwören. Dem unmittelbaren Wesen, der Naturgewalt, dem Tod, wie auch dem skurrilen Geiste, Witz und Elend Gestalt verleihen. Keine Ideale. Keine Wahrheit.

Ewige Wiederkehr im Wandel der Gezeiten."

Monday, October 5, 2020

New Release: Knüppelknecht - Whoretex of Darkness


Raging lunatics of true speed chaos gather! Excavated from the ruins of a drunken, filthy zombie punk riff orgy come the hideous sounds of Knüppelknecht. Fusing the furious fire of true speed metal with the unbridled, malicious chaos of corpse infested tomb punk, Knüppelknecht unleashes sounds that are sure to enthral any headbanging maniac who enjoys a serious dose of gore soaked riff slaughter when blowing their speakers.

"Whoretex of Darkness", three tracks of pure audio filth to be unleashed in digital and cassette formats soon through Hexenkult.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Urgeist - Ade Pöstli Stubete

On an unsuspecting early December evening in 2019, the decrepit woodland vagabonds of Urgeist descended upon the infamous Pöstli in Äugstertal, Switzerland. This fateful evening featured their first and only live performance, accompanied by Taifl, the sinister Basel natives with whom Urgeist had allied earlier in the year to release a split album full of harrowing tales of forlorn, vengeful spirits of yore. 

Urgeist played several unreleased tracks on that evening, to the resounding delight of the perhaps somewhat surprised audience who didn't appear all too accustomed with the mystical craft being presented on stage. Watch their set in entirety here:

Support Urgeist here.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Release: Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II

For the past few days, the glorious rays of total audio devastation emanating from Death. Void. Terror.'s sophomore full-length release have had the desired effect and contaminated plenty who have basked in the Great Monolith's purity. For those eager to delve into the heinous craft of these practitioners, "To The Great Monolith II" is still available from Repose Records, order here.

Additionally, official H.U.C. pins as well as DVT sigil pins are available here, produced by Repose Records.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cower in fear! A new decade of Helvetic Audio Torment.

A new decade is upon us, and with it we are eager to unveil a plethora of new music from our midst. Our crypt has vomited forth several worthy audio recordings in the past year alone, yet there is much more to come in due course.

In a time when too many have strayed from making worthwhile music and prioritize the portrayal of some lame self-image, we continue to set quality above any pretense of aggrandizement and categorically reject any notion of compromise in our pursuits. Our sounds will ring true to those who have ears to hear and shall speak for themselves.

Friday, December 20, 2019

New Release: Urgeist/Taifl Split

Urgeist has allied with the fiendish cohort known as Taifl from Basel to unleash a hideous, sinister split CD of music from times long past, when the wild was teeming with unknown, decrepit forces; roaming freely and still feared by simple folk.

It should be noted that this release was created to commemorate the live performance of both Urgeist and Taifl at the "Pöstli Stubete" in Äugstertal, Switzerland, on December 7th, 2019.

Limited to 93 pieces and sent along with three exclusive stickers. Four tracks by Urgeist, three tracks by Taifl, seven tracks of forlorn folk misery.

Purchase here.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Pre-Order: Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II


Gaze into the Great Monolith and behold its horrors and glory! This is the essence of the practitioner's pursuit. Delving into the unconscious, the practitioners allow their limbs to move spontaneously by channeling the Great Monolith's sublime essence, leaving sounds that are stripped of any humanity or sense of physical awareness. It is in this state that Death. Void. Terror. endeavor to attain the purity that emanates from the Great Monolith. 

This purity may never be fully grasped or attained by any individual practitioner, resulting in it being essentially futile. Yet it is not fruitless, for the practitioner's purpose is to serve as a vessel for the Great Monolith's purity and not to attain any semblance of creative satisfaction. Practitioners must be bereft of such arrogance! As ambitious as the individual practitioner's pursuit may be, his pursuit of the purity expressed through the Great Monolith remains but that - a pursuit. 

By aiming to approximate the purity of the Great Monolith's transmissions, different approaches have been applied by individual practitioners, leading to correspondingly different visual manifestations that each serve as a separate aspect to the audial manifestations pursued by practitioners 


Pre-orders for "To The Great Monolith II" available here.
Track premiere here.

Monday, November 18, 2019

New Release: ATEIGGÄR - Us d'r Höll chunnt nume Zyt

Ateiggär's debut EP, "Us d'r Höll chunnt nume Zyt", is now available for purchase directly from Eisenwald Tonschmiede as well as streaming from the usual platforms.

Embark upon a mystical journey through soundscapes detailing visions of Levania, and explorations into the conscience of Gods told through the twisted soundscapes of total arcane mastery!

Friday, November 8, 2019

New Release: Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II

Agony returns...

Death. Void. Terror.

"To The Great Monolith II"

Out in January 2020 through Repose Records.


Gaze into the Great Monolith...