Monday, October 5, 2020

New Release: Knüppelknecht - Whoretex of Darkness


Raging lunatics of true speed chaos gather! Excavated from the ruins of a drunken, filthy zombie punk riff orgy come the hideous sounds of Knüppelknecht. Fusing the furious fire of true speed metal with the unbridled, malicious chaos of corpse infested tomb punk, Knüppelknecht unleashes sounds that are sure to enthral any headbanging maniac who enjoys a serious dose of gore soaked riff slaughter when blowing their speakers.

"Whoretex of Darkness", three tracks of pure audio filth to be unleashed in digital and cassette formats soon through Hexenkult.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Urgeist - Ade Pöstli Stubete

On an unsuspecting early December evening in 2019, the decrepit woodland vagabonds of Urgeist descended upon the infamous Pöstli in Äugstertal, Switzerland. This fateful evening featured their first and only live performance, accompanied by Taifl, the sinister Basel natives with whom Urgeist had allied earlier in the year to release a split album full of harrowing tales of forlorn, vengeful spirits of yore. 

Urgeist played several unreleased tracks on that evening, to the resounding delight of the perhaps somewhat surprised audience who didn't appear all too accustomed with the mystical craft being presented on stage. Watch their set in entirety here:

Support Urgeist here.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Release: Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II

For the past few days, the glorious rays of total audio devastation emanating from Death. Void. Terror.'s sophomore full-length release have had the desired effect and contaminated plenty who have basked in the Great Monolith's purity. For those eager to delve into the heinous craft of these practitioners, "To The Great Monolith II" is still available from Repose Records, order here.

Additionally, official H.U.C. pins as well as DVT sigil pins are available here, produced by Repose Records.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cower in fear! A new decade of Helvetic Audio Torment.

A new decade is upon us, and with it we are eager to unveil a plethora of new music from our midst. Our crypt has vomited forth several worthy audio recordings in the past year alone, yet there is much more to come in due course.

In a time when too many have strayed from making worthwhile music and prioritize the portrayal of some lame self-image, we continue to set quality above any pretense of aggrandizement and categorically reject any notion of compromise in our pursuits. Our sounds will ring true to those who have ears to hear and shall speak for themselves.