Friday, September 20, 2019

New Release: ATEIGGÄR - Us d'r Höll chunt nume Zyt

The Helvetic Underground Committee is pleased to announce a new entity that has spawned from its midst. Give heed and cower before ATEIGGÄR! Gather before this fearsome entity that has, after deliberate and meticulous examination, managed to decode and transcribe into audial form the supernatural formulae containing concealed wisdom on the spheres of might, the nature of time and space. Embark upon a mystical journey through soundscapes detailing visions of Levania, and explorations into the conscience of gods told through the twisted soundscape of total arcane mastery!

ATEIGGÄR (suitably, this moniker means "initiator of ideas") was formed in early 2019 by Fauth Temenkeel and Fauth Lantav. While their lyrical universe is formed around alchemistic and mystic ideas stemming from the early modern period, ATEIGGÄR's sound is deeply rooted in the traditions of second-wave black metal. Proudly purist yet not exclusively backwards-looking, the five songs comprising Us d'r Höll chunt nume Zyt - the band's first public recording, a veritable bolt from the blue - compellingly create a tapestry of mysticism and splendor strongly breathing the air of the ancients, a staunchly '90s-entrenched majesty and might.

To be released November 15th on 12'' vinyl and cassette tape formats through Eisenwald Tonschmiede