Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New Release: KVELGEYST - Alkahest

The Helvetic Underground Committee is pleased to let it be known that the mysterious entity known as Kvelgeyst has completed many years of alchemical experiments to extract a formidable elixir, Alkahest, to be unleashed by Vendetta Records on 12 June 2019. 

Kvelgeyst was originally called into life in 2015 to delve into the most obscure practices known to man in pursuit of a universal solvent, the alkahest. Their thorough search for transmutations has been molded into the form of wicked riff-craft and otherworldly, musical chaos. 

Kvelgeyst is:
Urgeist - Guitars, Vocals
Meister T. - Bass, Vocals, Synths
V. Knüppelknecht - Drums

Alkahest was recorded in H.U.C. crypt in 2018.
Mixed by Kerberos and Meister T.
Mastered by Andreas Rosczyk at Goblin Sound.

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