Sunday, July 8, 2018

Upcoming Release: Dakhma - Hamkar Atonement

At long last, Dakhma will release their debut album "Hamkar Atonement" through Iron Bonehead Productions on vinyl LP and CD formats on September 28th, 2018. The album spans over 70 minutes of ancient, ritualistic sonic devastation.

The Avestan word "Hamkar", which literally translates to "co-worker" or "helper", is used in reference to the daeva of Angra Mainyu (in middle Persian: Ahriman), himself the omnimalevolent and most destructive spirit. In the collection of texts describing Zoroastrian cosmogony and creation, traditionally called Bundahishn, Angra Mainyu creates a horde of daeva to counter the creation of cosmos by Ahura Mazda (in middle Persian: Ohrmazd or Ormuzd), with each daeva mirroring an opposite Amesha Spenta (lit. "immortal (which is) holy"; a class of divine and immortal holy entities who serve Ormazd). In mirroring the tasks of the Amesha Spentas as servants of Ohrmazd, daeva are the instrument through which Ahriman creates all the horrors in the world. Following the interpretation laid out in texts such as the "Shayest ne shayest", where the daeva are seen as being utterly real and not mere philosophical representations, the music contained on Hamkar Atonement describes creation through the ultimate destruction of Ohrmazd's good deeds, good thoughts and good work by the daeva. Hamkar Atonement begins with the demise of Ohrmazd and therefore the destruction of all that is holy on the earth, allowing the daeva to roam free and corrupt human existence, described in greater detail throughout the album. Each song serves a specific narrative purpose, be it the dedication to a specific daeva or describing the results of their exploits on earth. What follows is a musical journey through the horror and corruption brought forth by the daeva, until a black sea of dread washes over the earth and extinguishes the last holy flame, leaving only death, triumphant, the great prophet.


1. The Glorious Fall Of Ohrmazd (Hail Death, Triumphant)
2. Akhoman (Spill The Blood)
3. Varun (Of Unnatural Lust)
4. Nanghait (Born Of Fire)
5. Spendarmad (Holy Devotion)
6. Gannag Menog (Foul Death, Triumphant)
7. ...Of Great Prophets

Behold Track 4, Nanghait (Born Of Fire), here.