Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New H.U.C. Entity - "URGEIST"

Forlorn howls beckon from the woods, calling forth the times of long gone beings. "Urgeist" is a primordial cry, finally unearthed from his moss-drenched lair. Blending an intuitive dance of nature and folkloric tradition with forgotten sagas, these recordings present the raw sound of the hilly woodlands in a truly authentic fashion. "Aus Klammen Tiefen und Felsigen Furchen" presents a bold glance to the distant, fog covered hills, where the mountain spirits still live and thrive in the earth's green embrace.

You can immerse yourself in the desolate woodlands here and order a hand-numbered CD-R copy of this limited release directly from the band.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New H.U.C. entity - "DEATH. VOID. TERROR."

The Helvetic Underground Committee has gained possession of a most fearsome ritual recording, torn from the clutches of the black hole and resurrected from the obscurity of the endless void. "DEATH. VOID. TERROR" is not a conventional "band" or "musical project" as is commonly seen in our modern times. The ritual creations of D.V.T. are free from the restraints of common composition and musical creation. These recordings are the audial essence of a writhing journey to the blackest abyss, a place where no light or structure can ever enter or withstand the oppressive forces that rule in the realm of D.V.T. Common instrumentation is abandoned in favor of capturing the most authentic representation of what occurred during the performed rituals. Some more words on the concept of this entity, as best as we understand it:

Whereas it is common to purposefully "record" a composition, the "recording" of D.V.T.'s rituals is merely coincidental; D.V.T. instead engages in ritual exploration of the endless void in the form of tributes to the black monolith. The recordings represent a fragment of this exploration and should not be understood as "songs" that one can simply tune into.

We have been presented one such exploration, entitled "(-------)", consisting of 7 parts. In due course, these recordings will be made available. More information to follow. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New H.U.C. entity - ARKHAAIK

“ō di̯eu̯ phter, ō pérkʷune, ō i̯émoh déi̯u̯oh: nu dʰing̑ʰdʰom dég̑ʰōm ési̯o etilói̯kʷōd eg̑ʰs. tektom bʰergʰah - tektom mori - tektom nebʰōs

The Helvetic Underground Committee is proud to announce that it has expanded the ranks of its coven to include the obscure entity ARKHAAIK from Zürich, Switzerland.

ARKHAAIK is dedicated to conveying the most obscure pre-historic rites, conceived and performed entirely in Indo-Germanic. The sounds emanating from this entity's cavern can be described as the merciless cries of an ancient monolith, encompassing all and crushing any matter beneath its titanic hooves, savagely ravaging the decaying carcass of whatever remains and slathering it in eternal doom and horror. This is the sound of the stomping titans, proudly bathed in ruthless barbarity and savagely proclaiming the art of death, doom and ritualistic dedication.

From what has been unearthed thus far, we can state that ARKHAAIK has completed the composition process for a forthcoming EP, encompassing two massive rites of pre-historic savagery. The final recordings will be completed soon...


M. - Thundering doom and chthonic howls of devastation
K. - Searing string savagery and barbaric grunts of worship
V. - Monolithic march of titans

More information will follow in due course.

Ungfell Update - Tôtbringære

Albeit with a slight delay since release, we are proud to announce the unleashing of the walpurgis whirlwind that is Ungfell's Tôtbringære; a wicked fury of entrancing and menacing hymns for the rabid acolytes of Helvetic Audio Propaganda. The sounds of pestilent witches' and warlocks' rites has been cast to cassette by U.S. based Graceless Recordings, and is available for purchase here.

Most other distributors have sold out of the cassette, so those who wish to be infected are advised to act without delay. Samples and digital versions of Tôtbringære are available on Ungfell's bandcamp page.

The Helvetic Underground Committee is quite pleased by the response to its most recent offering and looks forward to further contaminate unsuspecting minds through Helvetic Audio Torment in the near future.