Friday, December 20, 2019

New Release: Urgeist/Taifl Split

Urgeist has allied with the fiendish cohort known as Taifl from Basel to unleash a hideous, sinister split CD of music from times long past, when the wild was teeming with unknown, decrepit forces; roaming freely and still feared by simple folk.

It should be noted that this release was created to commemorate the live performance of both Urgeist and Taifl at the "Pöstli Stubete" in Äugstertal, Switzerland, on December 7th, 2019.

Limited to 93 pieces and sent along with three exclusive stickers. Four tracks by Urgeist, three tracks by Taifl, seven tracks of forlorn folk misery.

Purchase here.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Pre-Order: Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II


Gaze into the Great Monolith and behold its horrors and glory! This is the essence of the practitioner's pursuit. Delving into the unconscious, the practitioners allow their limbs to move spontaneously by channeling the Great Monolith's sublime essence, leaving sounds that are stripped of any humanity or sense of physical awareness. It is in this state that Death. Void. Terror. endeavor to attain the purity that emanates from the Great Monolith. 

This purity may never be fully grasped or attained by any individual practitioner, resulting in it being essentially futile. Yet it is not fruitless, for the practitioner's purpose is to serve as a vessel for the Great Monolith's purity and not to attain any semblance of creative satisfaction. Practitioners must be bereft of such arrogance! As ambitious as the individual practitioner's pursuit may be, his pursuit of the purity expressed through the Great Monolith remains but that - a pursuit. 

By aiming to approximate the purity of the Great Monolith's transmissions, different approaches have been applied by individual practitioners, leading to correspondingly different visual manifestations that each serve as a separate aspect to the audial manifestations pursued by practitioners 


Pre-orders for "To The Great Monolith II" available here.
Track premiere here.