Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New H.U.C. entity - "DEATH. VOID. TERROR."

The Helvetic Underground Committee has gained possession of a most fearsome ritual recording, torn from the clutches of the black hole and resurrected from the obscurity of the endless void. "DEATH. VOID. TERROR" is not a conventional "band" or "musical project" as is commonly seen in our modern times. The ritual creations of D.V.T. are free from the restraints of common composition and musical creation. These recordings are the audial essence of a writhing journey to the blackest abyss, a place where no light or structure can ever enter or withstand the oppressive forces that rule in the realm of D.V.T. Common instrumentation is abandoned in favor of capturing the most authentic representation of what occurred during the performed rituals. Some more words on the concept of this entity, as best as we understand it:

Whereas it is common to purposefully "record" a composition, the "recording" of D.V.T.'s rituals is merely coincidental; D.V.T. instead engages in ritual exploration of the endless void in the form of tributes to the black monolith. The recordings represent a fragment of this exploration and should not be understood as "songs" that one can simply tune into.

We have been presented one such exploration, entitled "(-------)", consisting of 7 parts. In due course, these recordings will be made available. More information to follow.