Monday, May 24, 2021

New Release: Unearthing the Sinister

Throughout the existence of the Helvetic Underground Committee, the Crypt has served as a haven for a plethora of creative endeavors of individual members and affiliated entities. Some of these creations have taken shape and developed into individual entities affiliated with the Helvetic Underground Committee, whereas other, perhaps more opaque creations, have remained concealed, buried by time and dust and hidden from all not involved in the inner workings of our Crypt.

The most harrowing of these buried - but never forgotten - creations have now been curated and assembled by the Helvetic Underground Committee to be unveiled in the form of a special release, entitled "Unearthing the Sinister". This collection of works ranges from a period of several years and contains creations from various individual members as well as obscure entities that, although discarded long ago, we deem to have produced audio that is worthy of being propagated. As such, the names of the entities and individuals who have created these works shall remain undisclosed, as these identities have lost any and all meaning for the material created. Rather, these works should be considered the organic creations of the Helvetic Underground Committee.
Certain titles for the individual tracks have been retained, insofar as the title must be viewed as a part of the work in order for it to retain cohesion. All other tracks remain untitled. You can stream the full compilation here:

These recordings are the raw creations of sinister minds, assembled and executed in conditions of varying duress and professionalism in the Crypt. They are to be experienced as such.
Available exclusively on tape through Temple Wolf Productions

Artwork by Tim Wey.
Visual embodiment of the sinister by Dungeoncinth.

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